House Rules

The Pathfinder Core Rules have been modified as follows:


PF races stand.  Players may pay most other races although powerful races can be reduced to a template or level adjustment.  Discuss with the GM.

Classes: As the PF rules

Characters gain a feat every odd level instead of every three levels.  

Skills: As the PF rules

Feats: Most feats work as is with the following modifications.

Item Creation Feats: There is no longer a need to take item creation feats.  Instead items are created based on Spellcraft and the appropriate Craft skill.  A PC knows the formula to create a magic item equal to their ranks in Spellcraft.  The appropiate amount of gold must still be spent.

Meta-Magic Feats: Characters may spontaneously use a Meta-Magic  feat 3/day.  After that they can use them with their normal level adjustment.  


Criticals: Critical hits are automatically confirmed.  Weapons threaten ranges are the same although items that double the threaten range instead add one to the range.  Thus a Greatsword starts with Crit 19-20 and if Improved Critical and Keen is added to the weapon it's crit range becomes 17-20.  

House Rules

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