Hero Point Rules

Using a Hero Point is a reaction, taking no time to use. 

Hero Points can be spent for the following:

Improve d20 roll: One hero point allows you to re-roll a d20 before you know the result.  On a result of 1 through 10 on the second roll, add 10 to the result, an 11 or higher remains as is.

Heroic Feat: One hero point allows you to use a feat that you do not know (and only if you have the needed prerequisites) for a scene.

Dodge: One hero point allows you to add your level as a Dodge bonus to AC for one round.

Delay Condition: One hero point allows you to delay a condition for one round. 

Heal Self: One hero point allows you to automcatically heal yourself your level plus Constituion modifier in hp.  

Escape Death: One hero point allows you to automatically stabilize and delay death one round. 

Inspiration: One hero point allows you to gain inspiration in the form of a vital clue or hint from the GM.  

Act of of Turn: You may act immediately and gain a move or standard action.

Extra Action: You gain an extra move or standard action on your turn.

Recall: Magic using characters may recall one spell they have cast that day.

Earn Bonus Feat: Five hero points can be traded in for a free feat of the player's choosing.  


Earning Hero Points:

PCs gain hero points in the following ways:

Critical Failure: When a natural "1" is rolled for a check.  The hero point cannot be spent the round it is earned.  

Activation of a Flaw: When a flaw chosen comes into player as part of the story.

Heroism: When a PC performs an act of great heroism or sacrifice. 

Role-Playing: When a player has an amazing bout of role playing.

Stunt: When an action performed by the PC is amazing.

GM Fiat: When the GM would like things to work in another way for the sense of story.  

Character Story: Complete a written backstory or add to the lore of the campaign.

Completing story arcs: When a story arc is completed.

Faith: When a character focuses on their faith and enhances their faith following.


Adapted from:

Mutants & Masterminds 2E

Pathfinder: Advanced Player's Guide

Hero Point Rules

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